Tanning trauma

According to the Sunbed Association figures. Over 3 million people in the UK use sunbeds on a regular occasion and around 70% of people admitted to enjoy being tanned.

Sunbeds give out ultraviolet (UV) rays which cause the skin to catch and therefore change colour. Too long on a sunbed and your skin will burn, just like it will when you are out in the sun. Common views of sunbeds are that they can result in skin cancer, however research by the Leeds Cancer Research UK Centre, published in the International Journal of Cancer has suggested that sunbeds may not be that closely linked after all.

Where your head would be when you lie on a tanning bed

Where your head is when you lie on a sunbed

It is common knowledge that spending too long on a sunbed can do you no good. Skin ages quicker and can become damaged but this still does not stop some people.


With many other tanning offers avaliable why are people opting for what seems to be the most damaging of them all. It is thought that spray tans are safe but infact they too have dangers. Toxic chemicals that when inhaled during the spraying process, enter into our lungs and end up in our blood stream.

Self tanning such as instant tan or tanning mousse, if just warn for an occasion and washed off the day after, can provide you with that summer glow but without any damage being done to your skin. But it seems going on a sunbed is an easy and cheap way to get a bronzed, summer look.

Tanning mousse and tanning mit

There are rules and regulations from the Department of Health on sunbeds that shops have to follow in order to be allowed to offer the service of a sunbed.
This is so important because the temperature and lighting needs to be exact, otherwise someone could leave being badly burnt.


Earlier this year it was made legal for sunbed shops to be able to link the advantage of vitamin D with being on a sunbed. Vitamin D is needed so our bodies can maintain healthy bones and teeth and this vitamin comes primarily from the sun. This is the reason why many people are unaware of the dangers as they are being told a good source of the vitamin can come from lying on a tanning bed.

Charlotte Greeves, a tanning assistant in Canterbury feels that the positives of being on a sunbed outweigh the negatives. But the people of the city do not share the same view.

If you want to visit Vanity in Canterbury yourself, see where it is on the map below.

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