Recession was a success for beauty

Recently, the country has been declared as being out of recession. However it is not all sunshine and happiness, money is still tight. Food prices are still at an all-time high alongside things like petrol and car insurance. But how is the beauty sector standing?

Recession Vs Beauty

Recession Vs Beauty

The Economist last year did some research and showed that women would rather cut back on designer clothes and the new fashion items than go without a new lipstick or a manicure. This is simply because beauty products remained affordable and were seen as a little treat.

Beauty spending

In November 2011, cosmetic brand Olay conducted the ‘Big British Beauty Poll’. They questioned 20,000 women aged 18-65 on their beauty habits. This is a reliable study as they asked so many people from a wide range of ages therefore it was accurate. One question they asked was whether the individuals felt their beauty spending had increased or decreased over the past five years, this is when the country has been struggling financially the most. 59% of women said it had increased and a further 21% of women said that it had increased significantly.


This study showed that in fact the recession has not made the beauty sector suffer; it could be argued that it has improved it due to people wanting small items to make themselves feel better.

Avon worker Katie Rashbrook has been taking orders and delivering Avon products for the past three years. She has not seen a difference in the demand for beauty products apart from an increase over Christmas which was expected.

Katie continues to talk about why she thinks people are still buying cosmetics.

Big British Beauty Poll #2 finished this month but the results and findings are yet to be published.

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