Crazy for nail varnish

Market research firm the NPD Group have found that nail varnish sales are up 68% this year. It seems that money issues are not stopping people from going in and buying an on trend nail varnish.

Nail varnish shelf in Boots


For the past two years we have seen nail art go crazy. Glitter nails, crackle nails, magnetic nails and things to stick on nails! People have gone nuts for the painted fingers. With this massive increase in people purchasing nail related goods it is not surprising that cosmetic brands such as MAC and Maybelline are starting to create their range of nail polishes to compete with the other companies.

High street

The price of a nail varnish can range from as little as £1 to £20 with an average high street polish being around £5. It seems a small pot of the coloured stuff can leave people feeling good about themselves and many cannot resist to buy it when they see a nice colour, therefore resulting in a boom in the nail varnish sector. Gemma Mitchel, 17, an employee of Superdrug Canterbury, said: ‘Working with all the nail varnishes makes me want them! I get really jealous when people buy one I want.’

She concluded: ‘I have noticed that a lot of people, especially around Christmas are buying little pots of nail varnishes. Probably for their friends. I think it is so popular because it is affordable.’

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