Hair Dying

Bleach blonde

The lust to have beautiful blonde hair is driving brown and red heads to bleach their hair in order to get the golden locks.

Bleach is a chemical that strips colour or whiten something. A common use is to use bleach to remove a stain from a white top for example. This strong chemical is being used to change the colour of hair both professionally and at home.

Hydrogen peroxide say through bleaching your hair the hydrogen peroxide inside breaks down the melanin in hair, causing it to be brittle, dull and difficult to manage. In some cases the hair can snap off because it is not strong enough.

Because it is so strong it will leave your hair feeling limp and lifeless, and will also leave your hair an unnatural white. If you are brown or red head, or maybe blonde but want to go lighter, get it done in a hair salon rather than doing it yourself. By doing this it will:

  • Have a more professional look and feel.
  • Be safe and healthy.
  • Be conditioned and be toned down with another colour.


Spending a bit more money will make it worth it. Your hairdresser will be able to advise you on highlighting your hair properly. They may use bleach but they will use it alongside another colour to ensure that it is not so striking and remains healthy. You will also get advice on how to look after it afterwards

The Ugly Side of Beauty spoke to Amanda Harold, senior technician and senior stylist at Toni & Guy Canterbury who shared her views on home bleaching.


Quick tip: be safe. When going to a hairdresser to get your hair dyed make sure they offer you a skin test. This will make sure you are not allergic to the dye they will be putting on your hair. Below is the full interview with Amanda from Toni & Guy. She gives great tips on what to do to keep your hair conditioned after just being dyed.

This is a map pin pointing hairdressers in Canterbury that offer a skin test.

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