The Botox war

A growing trend that is hitting the face of beauty is Botox. From filling out frown lines to stopping excessive sweating. Botox has been used to treat a lot, recent research has meant the drug is even able to be prescribed to people that suffer from urinary incontinence. On the surface, Botox seems like the wonder drug that can make us feel good inside and out. But it’s not all black and white.

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Image taken from morphosis-contour.com

Millions of people receive Botox injections every year. It is quick and easy and the majority of people are satisfied with the results. However it does have its risks. The largest effect is that bruising occurs where the needles have entered the skin and in some cases an allergic reaction can happen. Symptoms of this are reddening of the skin and headaches.

Quick fix

Lesley Tellyn, 52, decided she wanted a quick fix to remove her wrinkles but will not be going back to the clinic anytime soon.

Botox can last up to four months and a session can cost as little as £195 which is what tempts individuals. It can be argued that this non-invasive treatment is more cost effective and practical than other cosmetic surgery such as a face lift. For many, it can be the answer to having beautiful, young skin.


Botox is a drug used by many celebrities and is therefore in the public eye, it is no wonder millions of people around the world are paying for the injections to look young again. But looking youthful and fresh has its price.

Laura Roberts, 24, is considering Botox because she feels the media push us to feel we need it. We are constantly made to believe that the perfect face is wrinkle free and expressionless.

To hear Lesley’s full interview on her Botox experience click here

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