Beauty Secrets

Top 10 ways to stay beautiful naturally

Follow these ten beauty tips to keep you looking and feeling fresh and radiant.

1) Drink water: the body needs water to work properly and avoid dehydration. The amount of water an individual should drink a day really depends on each person. But the Department of Health recommend we drink about 1.2 litres a day. Water is the most natural way to have fresh clean skin by moisturising from the inside out not just the outside in. A great way to drink on the go is by having a water bottle.


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2) Beauty sleep: no one will look ideal if they only have four hours sleep and have to drink three litres of coffee to stay awake. Aim to have around eight hours. Anymore or any less and you may end up feeling more tired. Your body and your skin need to have the opportunity to recharge. Sleep deprivation can have a severe effect on how you not only feel but look.

3) Eat fruit and vegetables: may not seem the most exciting of foods but they can be jazzed up to become the star of a meal! If you’re peckish, step away from the crisps and chocolate and opt for a banana. Your skin will thank you for it and so will your figure. Fruit and vegetables carry literally no fat or calories.

4) Walking: instead of getting in your car to go to the supermarket. Walk. Go on a Sunday walk with the dogs. By doing this it is an excellent way to boost your circulation and have beautiful radiant skin. Not to mention that without realise you are doing exercise; it will work wonders for your legs and stomach muscles.


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5) Protect yourself from the weather: as the winter is closing in and the heating is coming on, it is not doing our skin any favours. The fake heat circling the house tends to dry skin out, especially lips. To avoid this simply moisturise in the morning and in the evening. Keep your skin hydrated and use a lip balm to stop those luscious lips from chapping.

6) Exfoliate: this needs to be done to remove the dead skin cells on the body that tend to sit there, by exfoliating them off you are making room for the new cells. This will make you look more radiant and feel fresh. If you don’t want to buy an exfoliator, try mixing brown sugar and almond oil. This will work perfectly. Check out my cheap exfoliator.

7) Moisturise: after you have removed those dead cells it’s important to moisturise the new ones. This will calm the skin after you have buffed as well as hydrating your skin from the outside. Long term, moisturising massages the elastin in your skin which will help to reduce cellulite.

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8) Reduce your alcohol intake: alcohol is a substance that without noticing will in fact age you. It breaks down the elasticity of the skin causing it to sag. By reducing your intake and drinking in moderation you will improve this, you will also feel less lethargic and your figure will thank you for it in the long run. No one wants a beer belly!

9) Sunlight: try and get ten to 15 minutes of unprotected exposure to sunlight several times a week, this is essential to the health of your bones and skin. Exposure to the sun helps to heal eczema, acne and energizes your body.

10) Smile: socialise with your friends and family. Laugh and smile. Laughter lines are a good thing. The key to being beautiful is to smile. If you feel good about yourself you will look good.

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