About Me

My name is Hannah Tellyn and I am a third year Multimedia Journalism student at Canterbury Christ Church University. This is a blog that I am starting for university but plan to carry it on after I graduate. I have a passion for beauty so it was a no brainer deciding to use my interests to make this blog! This is me, taking the title and portraying it in my face.

Ugly Side of Beauty through my face

I am like any other 21 year old girl. I live in a house with two of my friends in Canterbury, I like to socialise, travel and bake! My GHD straighteners are one of my best friends and I have a make up bag the size of a suitcase. I love experimenting with different looks, to me, having the same hair and make up everyday is boring. So much fun can be had through the use of cosmetics, changing your hair and other things. This brings me on to tell you a little bit about my blog…

Firstly, let me explain what I mean by The Ugly Side of Beauty. By beauty I mean cosmetics, tanning, waxing and hair equipment. All of which thousands of women use everyday without thinking twice. What I have found, is that a lot of things to make ourselves look better, can actually damage us. For example bleaching your hair can actually cause it to break off. I am simply making this blog to raise awareness, not to scare you, but to make you think. Alongside this I will be making you aware of alternatives. To be beautiful does not have to mean damaging yourself.
I will be speaking to professionals, and people like you and me, to get views and different opinions to make balanced arguments. This will be done through the use of writing, video, pictures and links.

Stick with me, hopefully you will find it all interesting, Hannah.

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